HYPNAGOGIA (2015) – Complete Short Film

HYPNAGOGIA is complete my friends.  Watch it here!



The 3 English Teachers


When the 3 English Teachers visit you in the night

They are an ill premonition, the harbinger of swift retribution

Their names are WENDI, BRIANA, and CHRISTI

Listen carefully to their rhyme

Let them take you by the hand and lead you

Where you do not want to go



The Terror That Comes in the Night

This video is the first in an excellent ten-part series of videos by Dr. David J. Hufford, author of The Terror That Comes in the Night, concerning the myths, legends, truths, facts, and lies about the phenomenon commonly called sleep paralysis.  In it he both affirms and calls into question the mainstream scientific interpretations of this events which afflicts so many people every night.